🔣Yield Generation Example

Yield is calculated every 3 seconds for rewards that are allocated in a 24 hour period. This means there are 28,800 allocations every 24 hours per user.

In this example we will use 5% of the supply that will be allocated in the first 24 hours. 50,000,000 tokens will be allocated over 28,800 disbursements. These disbursements will be effected by the number of depositers, the amounts they deposit, when they deposit and if they compound or not.

Your share is calculated every 3 seconds and the Yield Generator looks at how many tokens you have in the pool and how many total tokens are in the pool.

Let's look at a basic example for the first 4 hours:

You deposit 3.5M tokens which equates to 0.35% of the total supply.

  • Hour 1: You average a 3.3% share:

  • Hour 2: Some users withdraw and you compound. You average a 4.1% share: 1.65M tokens yielded

  • Hour 3: Some users deposit and you compound: You average a 2.7% share: 1.35M tokens yielded

  • Hour 4: Some users deposit, some withdraw and you compound. You average a 3.1% share: 1.55M tokens generated

In this example you would yield and additional 6.6M tokens in 4 hours. If you withdrew at that point, you would have a total of 10.1M tokens which would be a 3X increase in 4 hours.

Of course this is a simple example as there are many variables that are updated every 3 seconds.

The token balance dynamically changes based on the yield and the amount distributed depends on the tokens in the rewards pool which algorithmically changes every 24 hours.

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