How to Use Base Bank

Using the Base Bank Algorithmic Yield generator is easy and secure. All transactions are executed within Telegram and stored on the Base blockchain. No connections to any dApps are required which proivde user security.

  1. Click on the Base Bank Bot inside Telegram and click /start

  2. Base Bank will create a unique Base wallet just for you

  3. Deposit $BANK Tokens: Send $BANK tokens to your deposit wallet address shown in your profile. This can be done via any wallet that support Base such as Coinbase Wallet or Metamask.

  4. Update Account Balance: Click the Update Deposit Balance button to view your account balance and start earning yield right away.

  5. Earning Yield: Start earning yield automatically as soon as you have a balance. Yield is calculated every 3 seconds.

  6. Claim and Compound Yield: Claim your yield and compound it to increase your balance. You can do this every 60 seconds. All transactions are stored on-chain with transaction links to basescan provided at every step.

  7. Withdraw Your Balance: Withdraw your $BANK tokens to any Base supported wallet address at any time.

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